Graffiti and the writing on the wall have always been a human activity that gives birth to elusive characters, over the years that activity has changed onto a game and by its growth and popularity of the internet that game became a spectators sport. Anyone who knows the history of art could have predicted with certainty that graffiti and street art will get to the place where it is today and that establishments will rush to get their most popular hometown graffiti writer/street artist into the market. It’s not surprising how graffiti and street art got to the level that it is now and giving writers and street artists an opportunity to turn it into a career when just a few years back it was all misunderstood and hated by the public, all of it was exactly what happened with the impressionist and their avant-garde style.  They went through the same type of rejection and inequality as the graffiti and street artist had to deal with, both of them believed that artists should have total freedom of expression, unrestricted by social or artistic conventions –and by its persistence they were able to push their work into the eyes of the public.

 Zemog Evolve was created with the only intention to exercise the freedom of expression and display a collective of photographs in hopes that any image will expand the mind and induce to action within each individual. Evolution in life is a law that no one can escape, all of our actions and the things around us are a creation of a thought someone had in the past and that thought was inspired by other thoughts that were put into action before it. Any original thought or idea put into action has the power to change or influence the way other things are created. No vandalism or illegal activity was ever created during the process of taking any of the pictures posted at this site. Any works or prints sold here are originals of a detailed depictions of any designs, artworks, or paint spills found and captured with the lens.

Nothing lasts forever, enjoy the act of creations!


As cheap as it gets!